About Us

Heavy Machinery Services was founded in 2017 with one core belief in mind: to provide all construction and equipment companies with an experienced, trustworthy and honest approach to remedying repair problems and refueling concerns they face while on the job. We understand how costly a machine down, not turning revenue, can be to a company. We have made it a main priority of our company to help limit exposure to these costly events. Heavy Machinery Services provides a multitude of services that help enhance machine productivity and extend the life of an equipment fleet. We are a 24 hour mobile repair and refuel company that can handle any level of repair or service to construction equipment.


Here are the services that we offer: 

On-Site Refueling

Full Service Wet-Hose Refueling Services

Diesel Fuel Treatments & Testing

Onsite 24 hour mobile repair

In-depth equipment repair and computer diagnostics

Comprehensive equipment inspections with full spectrum oil analysis reporting through Signum Laboratories

Fleet Maintenance scheduling and servicing 

Containerization of sold equipment

Disassembly and reassembly of bought or sold equipment for shipping purposes

Equipment refurbishing 

Specialty attachment repairs and buildups: I.e. (shears, pile drivers, hammers, crushers, pulverizers, tamps,  Accugrade setups)

Sold machine inspections

Purchase machine inspections 

Our Bottomline:

Whether the need is planning and maintaining a service schedule for fleet onsite, handling fueling and lube for infrastructure equipment, managing a breakdown of an important asset on the job, dismantling large scale equipment for shipping; we are here to help you.  Let us get to work for you.