About HMS:

Construction site refuel and service solutions

Heavy Machinery Services supports all major equipment brands and offers versatile cost effective solutions to refuel, lube, repair and pm service needs on your jobsites. We work with your company to provide the service and skill you need when you need it the most. 

Equipment repair

Onsite Safety Standard

Whether on your site or our own we adhere and surpass industry standards for safety. Our Number one goal is to perform the needed tasks in the most efficient and safe manner possible. we keep our customers standards at the top of our goals. 

Assembly and Disassembly Services for Heavy Equipment Shipping solutions.

Heavy Machinery Services is committed to providing first class service for all your needs. We offer assembly and disassembly service for bought or sold equipment for shipping or receiving purposes.

A further look at the services we offer.

Equipment repair and diagnostics

We pride ourselves on diagnosing the repair condition right the first time to keep efficiency and downtime at a minimum for our customers

Indepth Equipment inspections

Need to have an in-depth equipment inspection performed? Our equipment inspections are very comprehensive and cover the entirety of the machine and can include oil sample reports, full complement of detailed pictures and machine wellness review. 

disassembly of equipment

Heavy Machinery Service is fully capable of disassembly and reassembly of all purchased or sold machinery for shipping purposes. We are adept in managing jobs over a multitude of environments to fit your specific needs.

Fleet Service and PM programs

We can custom tailor a maintenance schedule that works with your companies current schedule as to not interfere with production time. Provide fully custom insight on how your machinery is functioning and the health of your machines to you in real time.

Onsite fueling and lube servicing

HMS is committed to being a dedicated partner in driving the success of your job. we offer various solutions to affordably refueling and lubing equipment on construction sites. Our team has your back for ensuring your equipment is refueled and in top working order.

Customer Portal coming soon

We are working hard to provide our customers with all knowledge of their equipment that we can share. Our customer portal will have information such as oil sample reports, work that has been performed on specific machines. These small steps will aid in decreasing downtime on your jobsites and allow you to make on demand decision's that will help increase profits for your company.

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